March Happenings and Beyond

I trust in these early months of 2017 you are keeping up with your practice. Our practice gives us a much needed break from the noise around us to allow the nervous system to calm and correct itself, a stilling of the body, and a quieting of the mind. We notice as we clear the clutter and debris from both body and mind, our clinging to those habitual patterns and thoughts begins to release. As we loosen our grip on those learned habits and thoughts, the space reveals the truth of who we are. And who we are is kindness, compassion and love. My hope for you is that as kindness, compassion, and love is revealed you are able to become a bit more gentle with yourself so that in turn you may be a bit more gentle with the community around you. Something sorely needed in our world today. If you need a reminder of what the world needs right now, click here and listen.

Yoga Blueprint: The Art & Architecture of Your Practice

It’s been a privilege over the past weeks to guide this workshop series attended by an amazing community of yogis at NY Loves Yoga. They have been curious, receptive, and open. As a group, we’ve explored standing poses, balancing poses, back bending, and forward folds. All of which has lead us to the final of the four workshops in the Yoga Blueprint series. Join me on Sunday, March 12 from 4pm to 6pm  for  Surya Namaskar A & B. Together we’ll explore the fine points of the traditional Sun Salutations including alignment, breath, and modifications for every BODY! We’ll close with a seated meditation.

NOTE: Wanting to maintain the intimacy of these workshops, we’ve been forced to cap available spaces for this final workshop. There are limited spots still available, so click here to sign up!

Schedule Updates

As noted in January, the only constant is change. So we take a deep inhale and full exhale and go with the flow.

Starting tomorrow (3/9/2017) at 4pm I am honored to be joining the teaching staff at Five Pillars Yoga.  I’ll be in the amazing company of my teacher, Isaac Pena, Olga Paladino, Matt Lombardo, Jeffrey Villanueva, and David Regelin. All of whom have been an inspiration to me. Fine company indeed. So join me at this beautiful oasis on the Upper East Side (92nd and Madision)…where, together, we’ll cultivate some right intention.

I’ve also added an 8am on Saturday mornings at Brooklyn Yoga Project as well as the 11am on Saturday at New York Health & Racquet Club. Undoubtedly this won’t be the last change to my teaching schedule, so click here for my full schedule.

200 Hour Brooklyn Yoga Project Teacher Training

Join this Yoga Alliance certified 200 Hour Teacher Training, starting in March, in Brooklyn. I’ll be contributing some dharma content to the training and will more than likely be yammering on about an open heart. (Have you met me?) Throughout the training you will explore the history of yoga and its philosophy, study asana and the movement of the body, dive into meditation, and deconstruct the layers of your heart. You’ll break down the asana and learn about the anatomy and physiology of the body, and as it moves through the postures. Explore and discover the root of asana – breath and bandhas, and learn the benefits of pranayama. Learn about the chakras of the body and how they connect to the poses, the breath, and YOU! Breakdown walls and barriers and breakthrough to the real YOU. Click here to find out more!




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