After the death of his partner and years of running, a friend recommended Integral Yoga for some stretching of the body and soul; and so began Dennis’ yoga journey.

The years that followed found him practicing serial yoga monogamy of styles including Hatha, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Jivamukti, Bikram, being inspired by Cyndi Lee, Dharma Mittra, Bryan Kest, and practicing at dozens of studios in New York and around the world. Searching for some new inspiration, Dennis stumbled into Sankalpah one Saturday morning to take a class with Isaac Pena which was quickly followed by a class the next morning with Jude English. He knew he had found his home. The practice, with its intelligent sequencing and the subtle incorporation of yogic philosophy, resonated true for him. A year later, wanting to explore his practice deeper, he committed to Sankalpah’s teacher training and dove deep into his practice.

He has always credited his yoga practice with his cultivation of fearlessness allowing for the many shifts he has made in his life including leaving his comfortable corporate job. With this “why not” attitude, he approaches each day as a fresh new start and hopes that his students can find this as well. New opportunities are always available if we are conscious to them. It is recognizing these opportunities that we begin to understand they are the road signs on our path.

Despite his new fearlessness, there was something that was preventing him from moving forward with his teaching. He has a phobia of speaking in public. It was in reading the stories on the Somaly Mam Foundation website, an organization committed to ending modern day slavery in North America and around the world, that shifted his anxiety of speaking in public. He recognized the significant fear these women and children must experience and realized he had nothing to fear about speaking in public.

Dennis weaves together, with a quiet authority, an energetic vinyasa flow to open the body, mind, and soul.

He is grateful to Isaac Pena, Jude English, and Mary Dana Abbot for being so generous with their knowledge and acting as his Guides on his personal journey. He is also grateful to his awesome students who help make him a better student, teacher, and person.

dennis teston / certified yoga teacher / e-ryt