vermont spring yoga retreat – may 2016

metta earth instituteEventually, the weather will warm up, right? Right! And what better way to welcome the warmth than a retreat to the pastoral setting of Metta Earth Institute in Lincoln, Vermont! My friends Ossi Raveh and Mikki Raveh are co-leading this extraordinary weekend May 13 through 15. What can you expect?

-Enjoy four expert yoga teachers guiding you with enlivening yoga classes
-Nurture your body with teas, juices, spring greens, and vital healing foods
-Cleanse with pure mountain air and water
-Connect with the healing presence of nature
-Find new ease and a sense of wonder in meditation
-Breathe consciously to revitalize every cell and calm the mind
-Relax into the comfort and companionship of a yoga community

Celebrate more daylight and warmer weather and nourish your mind, body and soul with inspiring yoga, Farm to Table meals, peaceful meditation experiences in nature, Farm to Table meals, the beauty of a mountain farm, Farm to Table meals, and warmth of community. Did I mention the Farm to Table meals? Sound good? Of course it does! The complete 411 can be found here.


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