yoga blueprint: the art & architecture of your practice – january 2017

da_vinci_vitruve_luc_viatourJoin me for an informative four-part workshop/series at NY Loves Yoga.  In a supportive and creative environment, you will break down various poses, sequences, and breath practices helping you establish and/or refine a solid foundation to keep you safe and feeling great – and of course topped off with a bunch of inspiring Dennis-isms to keep it encouraging and fun. Each class ends with meditation. Heaven! Whether you’re new to yoga or have been practicing for years, this series is for you. Click here to choose one, two, or all four. You’ll leave feeling accomplished, confident, and invigorated.

Sunday 1/29: Standing Poses: Connect with your body, find your alignment to encourage stability, peace, and ease.

Sunday 2/12: Balancing Poses: Find your focus and gain courage while releasing those habitual thought patterns that keep you from thriving

Sunday 2/26: Back-Bending/Forward Bending: Learn to move into these energizing postures with grace, safety, and awareness

Sunday 3/12: Surya Namaskar A & B: Release your power and purpose through learning to breath calmly through these fundamentals

Price per Class: Early bird $35 (Ends 2 weeks before each session) $45 after

Price for Series: Early bird $120 (before Jan 15th) $160 after