yoga and dharma weekend retreat – june 2021

Vitality can be defined as a capacity for survival or for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence. For many of us, over the past year, life has become overwhelming with its various twists and turns sapping us of our usual vitality. It through that inward journey that we discover what we’re truly made of and continue on our path with purpose.

Join me June 25 through 27, 2021 at the beautiful Dharmakaya Center for Wellbeing in Cragsmoor, New York for Vinyasa and Vital Energy. We’ll spend the weekend in community with one another integrating our body, mind, and spirit to reignite our meaningful existence. Taking time to acknowledge our personal power. The weekend retreat will allow you to relax, nourish your mind and body, while deepening your yoga practice and offer an opportunity to reflect on traveling along your path.

Dharmakaya is situated on a 90-acre campus and is a world apart. It was founded on the fundamental premise that physical and emotional wellbeing are equally essential, and that each serves the other. It is a place to shed the intensity of modern life, a place to find yourself. The perfect escape from your day-to-day. There will be daily uplifting and inspiring yoga practices, meditations, delicious meals, silent mornings for reflection and nature walks.

Take a weekend away to relax and find some much needed space in community with others. Click here to register now.

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