Center Stage.

I’m grateful to have stumbled upon Sankalpah Yoga three years ago. Isaac Pena, co-founder of the studio, is an awesome guide and practitioner. Anyone who knows him knows this. His classes are strong, powerful, and transformative.

Near the end of recent class, as is customary at Sankalpah, handstand, forearm stand, and headstand were all in play. The room was full of upside down yogis/yoginis. One young woman, new to Isaac’s class, was simply lying on her back watching everyone go upside down. Isaac swaggered over to her and asked, “Whatcha doin’?” She responded, “Watching.” Isaac motioned to her, said, “C’mon,” and with his impish smile began the process of coaching her into  handstand. After coming out of handstand and back to sitting up on her shins, Isaac said, “See…now you’re part of the show.”

Seems like a simple enough statement, eh?

How’s that watching thing working out for you? Is life happening around you or are you making life happen? It’s in the “taking action” that we become part of our show. We come to be at center stage in our own life. How will you take action today to become part of your show rather than watching from the audience?

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