Oh Lord, Not another blog!

Oh Lord. Not another blog! Yes, another blog.

Over  a year ago I wrote something I posted to facebook which was actually intended to be my first post on my new blog.  What can I say? I get distracted. Tony Robbins is apoplectic right now. Sorry, Tony.

I remember my early yoga classes where “monkey mind” was referenced. You know, the idea that the mind moves endlessly from one thought to the next.  As the teacher guided the class through quieting the monkey mind, all I could think about was some caged monkey screeching and jumping from one side of the cage to the other.  So much for quieting the mind. What can I say?…I’m flawed.

These days the monkey is a little quieter.  My friend the monkey is always there. He enjoys sitting on my shoulder, sometimes in my lap, and other times  he sits behind me…just looking…waiting. He waits for me wondering when I might become so distracted that he might make his entrance and take things a little further. He rarely gets the opportunity. Rarely.

Since starting teaching yoga, I don’t refer to monkey mind. I know what that visual did or, more importantly, didn’t do for me. I leave that out of the shala…wherever that may be. My focus is about quieting the mind and only about quieting the mind.

More importantly, what will you find here in this blog? Hmmm….some original material. Some material I find inspirational from other sources. Some videos. Some music. Some pics. Some posts will be one liners…some posts will be a little more. Hopefully there will be some food for thought and maybe a few laughs. Whatever. Monkey mind and all, right? What won’t you find here? I don’t know…’cause I don’t know what you’re looking for. I can say that I’m not sure this will be a space for spiritual enlightenment, but I can’t be sure. Remember… I’m flawed.

Will this be the best blog ever? Will I be the best writer ever? Probably. But I won’t know for sure unless I try. By the way, my first intended post is below. Check it out.

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