Rush Hour 4/1/2010

I stepped onto the rush hour 6 train at Spring Street letting go of the day’s business. No seats to be had, I stood and, as is my habit, took in what was happening around me…the young couple next to me entwined and making out, the dude bobbing to whatever was on his iPod, and the family of four, dad seemingly contemplating the day’s events, mom on her blackberry both book-ending their young daughters dressed in identical pink track suits giggling and discussing whatever might be important to two girls.

At Astor Place, a gentleman stepped onto the train and immediately began his apologetic request for spare change. As is seemingly customary, most on the train remained attentive to whatever they were reading including the woman next to me who was reading something about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, the two young girls in pink track suits were fixated on this man. They listened to every word he had to say.

As the gentleman continued his plea, he indicated that he was in no way too proud to accept food. The elder of the two young girls leaned over to her father to ask him something. He nodded. She immediately removed the backpack from her shoulders, unzipped it, and began feverishly rummaging through it…turning every few seconds to keep an eye on the gentleman to be sure he was still there. Pulling out books and papers…she reached deep inside to pull out a bunch of celery wrapped in clear plastic. She looked at the celery…looked at her Dad…and back at the celery.

At this point, the gentleman was nearly at the other end of the train as it pulled into Union Square. She pushed through the exiting passengers to deliver her offering to the gentleman. He thanked her graciously, she smiled and returned to her family where she immediately took up where she had left off with her sister.

God was dressed in a little pink track suit on the Uptown 6 train yesterday afternoon.

(originally published on facebook 4/2/2010)

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