April (and Beyond) Happenings!

meditationMarch took on a little different shape which included the search for a new apartment. Anyone who has done it in New York knows it’s a full-time job! I’m happy to say, after 29 years of living on the Isle of Man (a.k.a. Manhattan), I’ve found new digs in wilds of Brooklyn…and, quite frankly, I couldn’t be happier! The move itself was easy and smooth…and while the space is a bit smaller than Shala Dennis, things are falling into place nicely and I’m settling into my new home. But change begets change and life goes on…

New Class

With my recent move, I had to give up what had come to be known as Shala Dennis at my home on the Isle of Man. It was sad to say farewell to fine yogis who joined me regularly on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings for the past two years. However, the Universe abhors a vacuum. So with that, I’m delighted to tell you that starting Sunday, April 26 I’ll have a regular class at New York Health & Racquet. It’s an hour class at 12:15pm at the 21st Street and Park location. Join me! As for Shala Dennis, stayed tuned…the Phoenix rises!

Yin & Restorative Workshop

On April 25, clean out the cobwebs of the cold with my friend Susan Derwin with this Spring Detox. Combining Yin’s force of gravity with the supported ease of Restorative poses, Susan, and her co-teacher Cathy Dirkx, will guide you through a series of twists and hip openers designed to release the remains of winter, opening up to the promise and rebirth of spring. It’s at Laughing Lotus NYC from 2:30pm to 4:30pm and is $30 for Unlimited Members or drop-in for $35. Sign up here!

Spring Yoga Retreat in Vermont

Eventually, the weather will warm up, right? Right! And what better way to welcome the warmth than a retreat to the pastoral setting of Metta Earth Institute in Lincoln, Vermont! My friend Mikki Raveh is co-leading this extraordinary weekend May 15 through 17. Celebrate more daylight and warmer weather and nourish your mind, body and soul with inspiring yoga, Farm to Table meals, peaceful meditation experiences in nature, Farm to Table meals, the beauty of a mountain farm, Farm to Table meals, and warmth of community. Did I mention the Farm to Table meals? Sound good? Of course it does! The complete 411 can be found here.

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