May (and beyond) Happenings!

IMG_1259Happy May Folks!

I’ve had the great honor and privilege to be guiding a group of Teacher Trainees through asana practice at Brooklyn Yoga Project. It’s been humbling to watch them ride the waves. But the student is always the teacher…and it has also allowed me the opportunity to learn more about myself and this practice we call yoga.

I keep this quote tucked into my notebook:

Spiritual change is precisely a process that is bigger than you. You don’t control it. You surrender to it. You don’t reinvent yourself through spiritual work. You face yourself, and then you must let go of all the ghastly things you find. But there is no end to these ghastly things. They keep coming. The ego is a bottomless pit of suckiness. And so you finally let go of the self that clings to itself (one definition of ego). True freedom comes when ego goes.”
-Shozan Jack Haubner

I love it. I pull it out from time to time as a gentle reminder. I like it because it’s real. Our practice sucks at times. What we uncover isn’t always rainbows and unicorns. But our job is to look at it…poke around at it…touch it…becoming aware of the hurt that might be there. And with that…we don’t reinvent ourselves with the work. We continuously peel back the layers…to expose our true selves. The self that is compassion, kindness, and love. True freedom.

In need of some freedom? Check out these opportunities for some guidance on the path.

Summer Sundays!

As promised in my last post, Shala Dennis may have ended, but Summer Sundays have begun! Doors closing and opening and all that.

What’s Summer Sundays? I’m glad you asked. Summer Sundays is an extraordinary group of practitioners who gather at 10am for a 90 minute class on rooftops and open spaces in Manhattan. Location is on a rotating basis. Wanna be in the loop and join in? Click through here to send me your email address and I’ll add you to the invitation list!

Even if you don’t join me and this group, keep practicing! All is coming! But wouldn’t “all coming” be better under the big blue sky?

Cultivating Selfless Love

My wonderful fellow “change maker” at The Lineage Project, Booker Leslie is co-facilitating a marvelous weekend, July 10 – July 12, with Jacoby Ballard at The Watershed Center; a retreat center for change makers.

We juggle many roles in our lives and a world where being overworked, overwhelmed, and over-busy is glorified, we tend to miss out taking care of ourselves. This retreat is an opportunity to slow down and bring yourself back to you.

You’ll explore how to balance relationship and travel, and parenting with cultivating a career. You’ll find grounding, forgiveness, and love. You’ll offer yourself the invitation to return to wholeness through rest and reflection. You’ll find an environment here to provide healing particularly in the challenging work you do day after day.

Click here to find out more information!

Vinyasa Yoga Retreat in the Côte D’Azur

To call this a “retreat” is a bit like calling The Grand Canyon a hole. My dear teacher, Isaac Pena, is guiding a marvelous week in the South of France, July 23 – 29, 2015, with Benjamin Sears at LUXYOGA.

This is special. An extraordinary location, amazing food and wine, luxe accommodations, and two wonderfully talented guides for your practice.

If you’re looking for something exceptional that includes premier teachers to grow your practice, savor world-class cuisine incorporating locally sourced organic ingredients, enjoy local rare wines, relaxing pool-side, and a massage with Mediterranean views…this is it!

Click through to LUXYOGA for all the information!

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  1. hey dennis — happy leap year and daylight savings day! how’s bk treating you? one day imma gonna check out your class at BYP, but in the meantime, any way i can convince you to come teach at prema? Not even sure they are looking, but i really like the studio, they are moving to bigger digs and maybe you want to check it out? keep keeping it real, helen

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