The Peace Project: Be heard without a word

peaceprojectDear Community,

Brooklyn Yoga Project and Sette Creative invite you to join us in a group meditation dedicated to moving forward together in strength, love and commitment to ourselves, each other, our city, and our country.

On Friday, Nov. 18, we will gather in Columbus Circle at 530pm and meditation will begin at 6pm to break down false borders and build a common energy that can be shared by all. Join us to hold space for hope, creativity, and a shared commitment to moving forward with compassion for everyone.

This is not a political rally, but rather an opportunity to come together and remind ourselves that no one is alone.

Bring your friends. Bring strangers. Let’s unite for the sake of ourselves, our country, and the world. I hope to see you there.

Please share this through your social media channels and follow @brooklynyogaproject or @settecreative on instagram for updated information.

Be heard without a word.

#nowalls #thepeaceproject

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