How to Sit

how to sit

“We spend a lot of time sitting—too much time. We sit at our jobs, we sit at our computers, and we sit in our cars. To sit, in this book, means to sit in such a way that you enjoy sitting, to sit in a relaxed way, with your mind awake, calm and clear.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

These are distracted times we’re living in. We spend so much of our day with our bodies in one place and our mind somewhere else. It’s fatiguing. And with our attention so dispersed, quite often, it’s difficult to know the right action to take. To coin a phrase, I have a plan for that!

Join me for this workshop based on Thich Nhat Hanh’s How to Sit. I’ll be drawing on the observations and wisdom of some of my favorite teachers; John Kabat-Zinn, Michael Stone, Jack Kornfield, and more. We’ll bring together some insights on the practice and learn some techniques to connect our body, mind, and breath. Most importantly, how to sit still and allow ourselves to be just as we are.

This workshop will be held at two locations:

Saturday, January 18 (4-6pm) New York Loves Yoga

Saturday, January 25 (3-5pm) Brooklyn Yoga Project

Click on the links above to sign up for the workshop.

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