Do What You Can

If you practice with me, you know I yammer on about offering the moment what it needs. Right action. I think this Teddy Roosevelt quote sums that up. No where is that truer than in our yoga community right now.

Each day since last week I receive emails with a live or video offering of classes. It is amazing to see. For some of us, myself included, teaching via these virtual offerings is out of our comfort zone. Maybe for you practicing in your home space, with all the potential distractions, is out of your comfort zone.

This moment is asking us to step outside of our comfort zones. This moment is asking, as teachers, to create space, albeit virtually, for our communities. For you, maybe it’s setting up a corner in your home to create a serene space for your practice.

The studios and gym where I teach are all in action in their own ways. Doing what they can, with what they have, where they are. Here are a couple of immediate offerings I can share:

NY Loves Yoga

Starting Friday, March 20, NY Loves Yoga will be offering a schedule LIVE ONLINE classes via Zoom (in conjunction with MindBody.) I will be teaching a 2:00pm ET on Saturdays, 7:00pm ET on Mondays, and 7:00pm ET on Thursdays in this current iteration of the schedule. For full information and details, please click over to NYLY website.

Brooklyn Yoga Project

Over the past week and a half, Brooklyn Yoga Project has been putting classes (video) online for your practice. These classes can be used at your schedule. Please click over to BYP for the full offering of video classes currently up online.

Finally, please follow me on instagram (@yogidennis) for more immediate schedule information.

May all beings have happiness.
May all beings have joy.
May all beings be free from suffering.

Deep love and gratitude to you all.


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