Perform Every Action Artfully

Swami Kripalu said, “To perform every action artfully is yoga.”

I stumbled across this video a few weeks ago which exemplifies doing every action artfully. Every movement seemingly made with love and beauty. I was mesmerized by the beauty in the video. Sure…the end result is something gorgeous, but it’s the steps moving towards the end result which fascinated me. Every movement performed is with knowledge, precision, and intention.

One of my very first teachers, Frank Mauro, would say, “When you draw your arm across the body, think of the Archer drawing back his bow string.” That statement and imagery has always stuck with me. Something seemingly trivial turned into a beautiful artful action. As you move through your day today, become aware of those actions that can be done artfully and with intention…a simple swipe of a metrocard, a walk to work, or even folding the laundry. Make each of your actions today a moving meditation.

Spoiler Alert: You will not see a single asana in this video. You may, however, see a some hand gestures akin to Gyan Mudra.


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