Cynicism Recidivism (or zero f*cks to give)

lavendarOur practice always shows us where we’re stuck.

If we pay attention, we’re always shown where we’re being a little too rigid or perhaps too slack. Of late, I’ve been suffering from the NYC affliction: cynicism and hardness. And while I know that those afflictions can be present and I don’t need to BE cynical and hard…they have the potential  to creep in. It could possibly have been brought on by my reading too many articles about our current election process or maybe seeing Christmas decorations before Halloween. Who knows. But no matter the cause, I know I’m using it to protect my broken heart from being broken more.Continue reading “Cynicism Recidivism (or zero f*cks to give)”

Get Lost!

NYC SUBWAY MAPThe other night as I was making my way home, I popped open HopStop to check the timing of the subway. I rarely need the app for navigation purposes, but it does come in handy at times. As I scrolled down to check the times, there was a “Planned Service Change” notice. It read, “HopStop will no longer be available starting October 2015.” Huh?!

A quick Google search told me that Apple bought the app for a billion dollars back in July. Adroid or Microsoft operating systems probably know this as the app has already disappeared. By October, it will disappear off my phone as well. I had a moment of disappointment (I like the app), but have quickly moved to another to get the answers I need.Continue reading “Get Lost!”

The Soul Level

250Awakening can be defined as the beginning or rousing of something. In our practice, we can define it as an expansion or shift in consciousness. But what is it we’re supposed to do with this beginning? What are we supposed to do with this shift?

Michael Stone, the Buddhist teacher and author, whose work “manifests the fusion of committed spiritual practice and social action,” says, “Awakening without responsiveness is just apathy. It’s not useful.”  Responsiveness here is defined as giving. The idea that as we practice and become more awakened we need to give back. It’s our duty. As compassion becomes who we are, we must take action.Continue reading “The Soul Level”

Who Am I?

139Over the past twenty plus years of practice, I’ve had the great honor and privilege of being part of a number of extraordinary yoga communities. Each with their distinct view of the practice. Each with unique teachers sharing their talents and insights. All feeding into and defining who I am today.

Alan Watts says we are a symptom of the earth, the earth is a symptom of the solar system, the solar system is a symptom of the galaxy, and so forth. That is to say something that indicates the existence of something else. We move in relation to one another. We lock together. And just as the earth is a symptom of our solar system, I am a symptom of all the communities I have been and continue to be a part.Continue reading “Who Am I?”

Our Time is Limited


A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I were chatting…in person. Face to face. Yes. It still happens. Somewhere in the course of the evening’s conversation I made the statement, “Hey…I got about twenty-nine years left on this planet. I can’t waste time.” While there was a brief debate over life expectancy, the long and short of it was how I wanted to spend my limited time left in this shell of a body. Not to worry…the heaviness of the conversation was softened with a few cocktails.Continue reading “Our Time is Limited”

The Meaning of Everything

Mercury is still in retrograde and there are loads of articles explaining what you should not do. There are also loads of articles about what you can do. All of which mean something to some people and nothing to others.

There’s a full moon in Sagittarius. Which means something to some people and nothing to others.

The combination of Mercury in Retrograde and the full moon in Sagittarius means something to some people and nothing to others.

There’s a debate in Washington right Continue reading “The Meaning of Everything”

May (and beyond) Happenings!

IMG_1259Happy May Folks!

I’ve had the great honor and privilege to be guiding a group of Teacher Trainees through asana practice at Brooklyn Yoga Project. It’s been humbling to watch them ride the waves. But the student is always the teacher…and it has also allowed me the opportunity to learn more about myself and this practice we call yoga.Continue reading “May (and beyond) Happenings!”

April (and Beyond) Happenings!

meditationMarch took on a little different shape which included the search for a new apartment. Anyone who has done it in New York knows it’s a full-time job! I’m happy to say, after 29 years of living on the Isle of Man (a.k.a. Manhattan), I’ve found new digs in wilds of Brooklyn…and, quite frankly, I couldn’t be happier! The move itself was easy and smooth…and while the space is a bit smaller than Shala Dennis, things are falling into place nicely and I’m settling into my new home. But change begets change and life goes on…Continue reading “April (and Beyond) Happenings!”